Smoked Salmon Blinis

These would have to be one of the easiest finger foods to prepare for a party or afternoon tea.

You don’t even have to make your own blinis (tiny savoury pancakes) these days, they’re available at most supermarkets and delis (you should find them in the fridge section nearby the fresh pasta or dairy). If you do make your own blini, which I normally do, just use a very simple batter of a cup of self-raising flour and enough sparkling water to make a thick batter. I’m not really a precise cook, there are recipes all over the internet for blini though.

A simple topping of mascarpone or whipped cream cheese topped with a slice of shop-bought smoke salmon is all you need, you can add some fresh dill or chives for a garnish. Really these little blini could hold a gamut of different toppings, so get creative. If you are up for the challenge you could smoke your own salmon at home and use small chunks instead of slices.

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